BioAxis Research


We provide the following services, specifically tailored to Pharma client needs:

  • Analyses of compound collections, focussed compound library design, hit follow-up
  • Ligand based similarity calculation, model building and virtual screening
  • Pharmacophore elucidation and screening
  • Ligand: Protein (Flexible) Docking
  • (Quantitative) Structure-Activity Relationships
  • Medicinal chemistry transformation in binding-site
  • Compound ADMET analyses
  • Biological Target rational and progressibility Analyses

In addition we are able to offer the following services to clients in wider research

  • Datamining, in public and client domains
  • Network dissemination, construction and mining
  • Association analyses
  • Open Source Systems Design and consultancy
  • Allosterism prediction


BioAxis Research can collaborate at any stage of the drug design trajectory, from early HTS design of virtual screening through to the clinic. Research may be ligand-centred or protein structure-based. Tools available range from in-house developed techniques, through multiple open source solutions to high end commercial software suites. Expertise in integrating open source database systems, tools and workflow software allows us to provide consultancy on modern, low cost research informatics solutions.