BioAxis Research


Initially our clients were small to medium sized research organizations, primarily in pharmaceutical research. BioAxis Research has signed various Non-disclosure agreements, and is currently collaborating with a number of European research organizations, from small biotechs, through Eurpoean screening centres to top top-ten big pharma companies.

Various research alliances have been finalized and are currently ongoing.

Although our focus is pharmaceutical research, our techniques are applicable in other areas of research such as food/nutriceuticals, environmental/public health.

If you are interested in working with us, feel free to contact us for a no-obligation discussion on potential collaborationsWe provide the following services, specifically tailored to client needs:

  • Analyses of compound collections, focussed compound library design, hit-follow-up
  • Ligand based similarity calculation, model building and virtual screening
  • Pharmacophore elucidation and screening
  • Ligand: Protein (Flexible) Docking
  • Medicinal chemistry transformation in binding-site
  • Compound ADMET analyses
  • Biological Target rational and progressibility Analyses



BioAxis Research can collaborate at any stage of the drug design trajectory, from early HTS design of virtual screening through to the clinic. Research may be ligand-centred or protein structure-based. Tools available range from in-house developed techniques, through multiple open source solutions to high end commercial software suites.